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How to Set Up Backups

Create the Backup Set


Set up the rsync client

Configure the rsync client

  • Open the dobackup.bat file in a text editor.
  • Set the following fields based on the backup set created in step 1: RSYNC_PASSWORD, RSYNC_USER, RSYNC_DIR
  • There are two ways to do the backup: exclusive and inclusive. Exclusive backs up everything except what you specify and inclusive backs up only what you specify. An exclusive backup is the default. If you want do an exclusive backup, then you can go ahead and save the dobackup.bat file and skip the next step.
  • To do an inclusive backup, change REM the first bin\rsync... line and un-REM the second bin\rsync... line and save the dobackup.bat file.
  • Depending on the type of backup you are doing either open windows_excludes.txt or windows_includes.txt file in the editor and custom to your liking.

Setting the backup to run automatically

  • Open the addat.bat file in a text editor
  • Change the time to when you want the back up to run (this uses a 24 hour system so use 14:00 as 2:00pm)
  • By default, it will run everyday. You can change which days of the week you want it to run by modifying the "m,t,w,th,f,s,su" part

Setting the backup to run on demand

  • Create a shortcut to c:\csbackups\dobackup.bat on the desktop or where ever you want the icon.
  • This will run the backup as the logged in user which may not have access to back up all files on the machine. In Windows 7, you can right click on the shortcut and choose "Run As Administrator" to backup all files.

Known Issues

  • Rsync uses cygwin. If you have cygwin already installed rsync may conflict and not run. Switch the dobackup.bat file to use your cygwin's version of rsync.


Mac OS X