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Retrieving Blocked Emails


With the latest version of our spam fighting software you can get a list of emails that have been blocked and retrieve them.

Important Note

In order to use this method you need your outgoing email server to be set to the authenticated server at so the system knows who you are. See CSThunderbird to find out how to set up authenticated outgoing email. Alternately, you can use the webmail system at to do these updates.

Generate a report

You can generate a report to see what emails have been blocked. Just compose a new email to with any subject line. You can leave the body of the email blank.

Retrieving a blocked email

First, generate a report using the method above. In the report, find the email you want to retrieve. There should be a link to an email address next to the message. Click the link or copy the address and compose a new email to that address with any subject and body. The blocked email should be sent to you shortly.

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