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Adding email addresses to the whitelist


With the latest version of our spam fighting software you can easily request an address be added to the whitelist. All email from addresses on this list will be delivered without having to pass the spam test. Addresses you add to this list effect everyone in the department, so please be considerate when added addresses to the whitelist.

Important Note

In order to use this method you need your outgoing email server to be set to the authenticated server at so the system knows who you are. See Howto::CSThunderbird to find out how to set up authenticated outgoing email. Alternately, you can use the webmail system at to do these updates.

Adding an address

You can easily add addresses to the whitelist using email. Just compose a new email to with any subject line. In the body of the email add the addresses, one per line, you want to add. You can put in the full email address or use one of the following wildcard formats:

  • *@sender_domain
  • *@*sender_domain
  • *@*.sender_domain

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