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In order to access SystemG, you must have an account. Request one through your CS professor.

In order to use the SystemG nodes, you must provide the following details:

- your name
- your affiliated lab/professor
- number of nodes that you need
- how long you intend to use them (start and stop dates)
- will you need sudo
- will you be making major changes to the nodes that they will need to be re-imaged?
- will you need access to the local disk storage on the nodes?

Send the above in an email to the administrator Bo Li ( Once he confirms your reservation, he will update this page and you can use the nodes allocated to you. The idea behind setting up this page is to streamline and simplify the process of using SystemG. Most importantly, this process ensures that folks have exclusive reservations on nodes. Please do not directly login to a node that has not been allocated to you without checking this page. Login processes can significantly impact performance timing runs.

Allocations of 32 nodes or more should done be on a weekly basis. Individuals should not have more than one allocation i.e. if they have 16 nodes, they shouldn't come again and get more in between. 32 node allocations can NOT be extended beyond a week unless they receive special permission.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that the following reservation information is correct before using any of the compute nodes in SystemG. It is YOUR responsibility to request time extensions BEFORE they expire. It is important that the users understand the significance of this checkout sheet. Please do not modify or attempt to tweak others reservations. Failure to comply with these simple instructions will result in revocation of your login on SystemG.

All weekend reservations must be made by 5pm Thursday before the weekend reservation will occur. Weekend reservations will include the ENTIRE cluster. Also, if you have a project that can NOT be interrupted, let him know before Thursday @ 5pm.

Tenitive Weekend Schedule: [September 27th & 28th] 2014

Day Timeslot Student/Faculty Name Associated Lab/Professor Comments
Saturday 12:01am - 04:00am Xingfu Wu
Saturday 04:01am - 08:00am Xingfu Wu
Saturday 08:01am - 12:00pm Xingfu Wu
Saturday 12:01pm - 04:00pm Xingfu Wu
Saturday 04:01pm - 08:00pm Xingfu Wu
Saturday 08:01pm - 12:00am Xingfu Wu
Sunday 12:01am - 04:00am Xingfu Wu
Sunday 04:01am - 08:00am Xingfu Wu
Sunday 08:01am - 12:00pm Xingfu Wu
Sunday 12:01pm - 04:00pm Xingfu Wu
Sunday 04:01pm - 08:00pm Xingfu Wu
Sunday 08:01pm - 12:00am Xingfu Wu

Regular Schedule:

Student/Faculty Name Associated Lab/Professor Node number(s) Reservation start-date to end-date in mm.dd.yyyy format Sudo Experimental Comments
Fang Liu Danfeng n1-n19 06.15.2013 to 05.31.2016
Ahmed Ghanem Dongyoon n20-n38 09.08.2015 to 05.31.2016 Yes
James Davis Dongyoon n39-n59 01.20.2015 to 05.31.2016 Yes
Arun Thekumparampil Dongyoon n60-n69 01.27.2016 to 01.27.2017 Yes
Xingfu Wu SCAPE n70-n99 01.29.2015 to 06.01.2016 Yes
Mark Gardner Synerg n100-n104 04.07.2014 to 11.30.2016 Yes Yes EXPIRED Load Ubuntu 14.04.1 server
Qingrui Liu Jung n105-n109 04.07.2014 to 05.31.2016 Yes
Changhee Jung Jung n110-n164 01.16.2015 to 07.31.2016 Yes
Zhitao Fan SCAPE n165-n201 01.26.2015 to 05.31.2016 Yes
Fang Liu Danfeng n202-213 06.15.2013 to 08.31.2016
Ali Anwar DSSL n214-n233 2.10.2015 to 2.10.2016
Michael Vandeberg SCAPE n234-n249 02.17.2015 to 08.31.2016 Yes
Luna Xu DSSL n250-n265 02.17.2015 to 08.31.2015 Yes
Zhang Tong Dongyoon n266-n304 09.16.2014 to 07.30.2016 Yes
Qingrui Liu Jung n305-n320 02.18.2014 to 06.30.2016 Yes
Vivek Venugopal ARC n321 03.26.2009 to 12.31.2010 EXPIRED (Need to remove Card)

For any questions about this page or on how to reserve nodes on SystemG, please contact Bo Li(

For more information about SystemG check out the SystemG_Info page.