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For a while now, our department has used a three tiered backup system but it has only been for individual files/email/etc. Also it was limited to about 100GB/person. We are now beginning to offer another service for servers and workstations that will be able to accommodate larger data stores for your Research. Storage can be procured starting at 1TB all the way up to 16TB for a single system.

What Gets Backed Up

All of your research can now be backed up to once convenient place. This system has the same reliability and three tiered setup as our regular backup; only now it supports much larger quantities.

Setting Up Your Backup

See the following how-tos:

Coming soon...


Your backup logs are available online: https://admin.cs.vt.edu/backups.pl


Single files or folders can be easily restored from daily/weekly/monthly backups. A full system restore can take as long as a week, because the operating system and programs can not always be restored from backups. Most likely the operating system and programs will need to be installed by hand before restoring the data.