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Welcome to the Computer Science Wiki!

This wiki is used by techstaff to share documentation and common HowTos. It can also be used by anyone in the department to share information.

Use the links "Documentation" and "HowTos" in the main menu access the techstaff content.

Commonly Requested Information

Security Recommendations

Techstaff has worked on a comprehensive guide for security which can be found here:

CS Security Guide. 

Below we have a quick overview of some of these topics.

Quick Overview

  • Patching
    • Maintaining a up-to-date patched OS is one of the best ways to prevent malicious attacks.
  • Firewalls
    • To Restrict access to the VT main campus IP's use these:
      • IP: Subnet:
      • IP: Subnet:
      • IP: Subnet:
      • IP: Subnet: (This is an additional block of IP's added for VPN users on March 17th, 2020)

List of Additional Resources

Other Information

  • Managing Inventory
  • System Administration & Security
  • Obtaining Software