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Common Email Applications

Microsoft Outlook - Bundled with Microsoft Office. This can be obtained by going to, selecting College of Engineering, and entering your PID/VT Password.

Thunderbird - Standalone Mail Client. Free. Common Competitor to Outlook. Available at

Apple Mail & Windows Mail - Default program's included with the operating system. (Guide's not included)

CS Email

The Department of Computer Science hosts our own mail server. Access to this system is intended for Faculty and Staff (Note: Grad students do not maintain a CS email address except by request.)

Account Creation

To create an account go to, click create account, and log in with your Virginia Tech ID. The same method will work if you have forgotten your password, just click forgot password instead of create account.

Set up Outlook

If this is your first time running out look you will be greeted with a Wizard.

If it is not your first time, open outlook -> click file -> select account information -> select account information again -> then click new account.

  1. Select to set up an email connection
  2. Select manual setup
  3. Input your Name, CS - Email address, and your password
  4. Select IMAP, Incoming mail server (, outgoing mail server (, username (PID)
  5. Select more Settings -> Advanced Tab
  6. Select SSL for both Ports, Incoming port should be 993, out going port should be 465
  7. Switch to the Outgoing server Tab: Put a Check in: My outgoing server requires Authentication, and select use same settings as my incoming mail server.
  8. Apply the changes and close the window, then click next. Outlook should send a test message. Click finish.

Set up Thunderbird

Exchange Email

If you decide to use the default Android or iOS mail apps instead of the Microsoft Outlook app, please make sure you adjust your settings to the following:

Domain: hokies
User Name:
Password: your hokies password

VT Gmail

After the Google Announcement last year, the university has decided to move away from Google Mail. Going forward all new accounts will be Exchange based.


CS Account -> Another Email Address

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your SLO Account
  3. Select ⯈My Account
  4. Select ⯈My Email
  5. Put a check mark in Enable Forwarding to:
  6. In the box below it type in the Email Address for the other account
  7. Click update Forwarding

VT Exchange Account -> CS Email Account

  1. Log into the Exchange account by going to
  2. At the top right, click the gear Settings.
  3. Select Forwarding in the list
  4. Place a check in forwarding, and enter your CS email address
  5. If you want a copy of emails kept in Outlook, place a check in keep copy box as wee
  6. Click save