Internet Access

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Requesting Static IP

Static IP's are only needed for systems which you will be connecting to remotely.

To request a static IP please contact with the following information:

  • CS Tag (Example Below)
  • System Location
  • Requested Hostname

Example CS Tag:

Connecting IOT and VR Equipment

Various Research projects using Internet of Things (IOT) Devices, and Virtual Reality VR equipment may require additional equipment / configuration to work properly on the network.

Requesting an Exception

Occasionally devices have issues with the enterprise wireless authentication, for these devices you may request an exception through:

Using a Personal Router

Usage of a personal wireless router has a few rules

  1. You can use it without permission as long as it is not connected to Virginia Tech's Network
  2. If connection to VT's Network is required, the faculty overseeing the research will need to submit a ticket with NI&S through and explain the situation and request an exception.